How can I know if I have the smallpox vaccine? In this year she stopped inoculating

The cases of monkey pox they cross borders Y they go up. The Ministry of Health has already confirmed seven positive cases in Madrid and a score of suspects are being analyzed. In addition, the Canary Islands have notified a possible case this Thursday. To this must be added the cases of United Kingdom, Portugal Y USA. The health authorities specify that the vaccine of the smallpox may be the remedy against this variant. Given the concern that the rebound of this disease is causing, you can find out whether or not you are vaccinated.

This disease was eradicated on December 9, 1979. “The world and all its inhabitants have been freed from smallpox,” confirmed the WHO in May 1980. In this way, this prick fell from the vaccination program after his inoculation was mandatory from 1921. Now he is back and the epidemiologist Oriol Mitja warns that “it will not be a pandemic like covid, but it is a serious infection”.

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The vaccination record, in physical or digital format

A citizen can know if he is vaccinated against smallpox in two ways. The first is the most accurate of all: it is enough to consult the vaccination record that is delivered when they begin to inoculate the compulsory vaccinations. there they consist all punctures that you have received throughout life and, furthermore, you can when it is your turn to next dose of vaccines that are recurrent over time.

In this way, those over 40 years of age, especially those over 60, should have the vaccine and, therefore, are protected against monkeypox. In contrast, people born after 1980 are at higher risk of contracting the disease because they have not received this vaccination schedule.

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If you do not have it in physical format, you can go to your reference medical center. In Catalonia, you can also check your vaccination status through the application The Meva Salut. There are all the punctures: those of the physical vaccination card, those administered by centers (such as those of the covid), which are duplicates and those that are known to exist, but that have only been communicated verbally.

That scar on your upper arm

The second is not a scientific method, but a common features: the smallpox vaccine caused in most cases a skin reaction. So most people have a scarspecifically a bossin the upper part of the arm.

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USAthis vaccine was not supplied with a Hypodermic needlebut with a forked one that required two punctures, so “it is not an injection like the one that people generally know,” explains the health authority.

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