Health predicts cases of monkeypox in Catalonia in the coming days

the secretary of public health Carmen Heads has stated that there will surely be some case of monkey pox in Catalonia in the coming days. In statements to RAC 1, the doctor explained that there are still no cases confirmedbut has recognized that there are patients with similar diseases “you have to study”.

In any case, Cabezas has stressed that he is not worried for this disease “rare and well-known”, of which there had already been cases in Western countries. This version contrasts with that of specialists in Dermatology, who maintain that “not there is experts in this disease because Spainnot seen never“.

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waiting for the protocol

Cases of monkeypox detected so far are usually buds “small and in a specific environment,” said Cabezas. The secretary has pointed out that the transmission is different from that of coronavirussince it requires contact “straight” Y “next”. Infection can occur both by respiratory droplets or by skin-to-skin contact or mucous membranes.

For now, we are waiting to find out what the protocol established by the Health Commission and, above all, if the need for vaccinate to the contacts narrow.

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Purchase of the vaccine

In case of including the vaccination within the protocol, it should be noted that Catalonia not has the dose against this disease, with which it would be forced to import them. The injection currently administered was made in the 2013 and is different from the one used in people who are now over 40 years oldwhich is why they are less exposed to a disease that mainly affects mens.

Nevertheless, Cabezas has urged the population with fever Y vesiclescharacteristic symptoms of monkeypox, to be put in Contact with with him medical.

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