Gulf Clan uniform factory dismantled in Bogota

Colombian authorities have reported an operation by security forces in a factory that made paramilitary uniforms for the Clan del Golfo. Several weapons were also seized in the operation.

The Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations of the Colombian Attorney General’s Office has also reported the arrest of two individuals, Alexis René Gualteros Sánchez and Yamiled Holguín Montoya, according to RTVC radio station.

The operation has dismantled an “illegal network that would be responsible for clandestinely acquiring short and long-range weapons, explosives and other elements; in addition to making clothes similar to those of the security forces to supply the structures of the Clan del Golfo in the north of the country”.

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The factory was installed in a basement in the Patio Bonito neighborhood, in the southwest of Bogota, where six mortars, grenades, gun suppliers, 180 pixelated uniforms, rolls of cloth and cash have been found.

“The evidentiary material shows that this network would have contacts in some military forts that would be in charge of illegally extracting and selling textiles, supplies and weapons. These elements, apparently, were taken to the building where the arrests were carried out, prepared and sent to the departments of the Atlantic coast”, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office.

The two detainees have been presented before a judge of control of guarantees charged with the crimes of manufacture, trafficking and carrying of weapons, restricted use ammunition, ammunition for private use of the Armed Forces or explosives, illegal use of uniforms and insignia and illicit enrichment of individuals.

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