Guinness has created a way for you to pour the perfect pint –

People love beer. And of all the beers on the market, Guinness is one of, maybe even the favorite – at least that seems to be the case in the UK. But unlike many other types of beer, pouring a perfect pint of Guinness takes more skill than it seems, and the beer titan knows that amateur beer connoisseurs have had some trouble doing just that.

That’s why it has now created the Guinness Nitrosurge, a device created to help you pour the perfect pint of beer. The way it works is that you simply attach the Nitrosurge to the top of a can of Guinness and then pour it away and the end result will be a perfect pint of perfection – or at least Guinness’ demo made it look like such.

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Steve Gilsenan, global head of quality at Guinness, stated: “Nitrosurge revolutionizes the pouring experience and delivers beautifully smooth Guinness.”

The catch with the device is that you have to buy Nitrosurge cans of Guinness to fit the device, as ordinary cans don’t seem to do the trick.

As for where to get a Nitrosurge, in the UK the device is available exclusively from TESCO retailers for £25.

Guinness has created a way for you to pour the perfect pint

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