You need this cheap tool for your monitor, you just don’t know it yet!

If you use your screen every day, you might not even realize it’s not adjusted properly. Maybe it’s too bright, the contrast isn’t right, or the colors just aren’t right. This is not only a problem when playing, but also when you look at YouTube videos or just pictures on social networks: Because you can still get much more out of your monitor!

With the SpyderX Elite from Datacolor there is a whole simple and automatic solution for your problem. You can also get them really cheap at the moment! Because instead of the RRP of 279 euros, you currently only pay 215 euros, so you save 23 percent!

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That’s why you need the SpyderX Elite

What does the device do? The SpyderX Elite is a small device with a big impact. In conjunction with its software, it can automatically calibrate your monitor. A task that you should do at least once a month to get the best colors!

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How does this work? Simply start the tool and follow the instructions. It first measures the brightness and shows you how to adjust it. It then checks the color representation and automatically creates a color profile that Windows will load when it starts in the future.

What do you get out of this? The result is a much more natural color representation. However, there can also be beneficial side effects. If your monitor was set a little too bright, the correction even saves electricity. But you don’t have to do without anything, on the contrary, you get an even better picture!

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The right monitor to calibrate

If you are still looking for the right monitor to calibrate, then the following purchase advice will help you. In the you will learn what is important when buying and which devices are most suitable for your needs.

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