Google’s Valentine’s Day event is all about bonding -.

Google’s home page looks a little different these days, as it usually does when there is a holiday or when it is the birthday of an influential person. Today is Valentine’s Day and Google has released a fun little game that is surprisingly educational.

To start, you take a quick quiz to decide which element you are (I have nitrogen, which feels rather bland). Then you get into a sort of Tinder-like experience where you swipe left and right to see if you have a connection with another element.

Then, if you make a successful bond, you get a little paragraph describing what creates the bond. It’s a lesson in chemistry, but not the kind that will cause you to find your one true love this Valentine’s Day.
But if you have a few minutes to kill, it might be worth a look. You can start your bonding journey here.

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Google's Valentine's Day event is all about bonding

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