Google’s Smarter Video Game for Free: Helps You Understand Quantum Computers in a “Simple” Way

Quantum computers, like physics of the same name, are a chimera for most tech enthusiasts, even if they come with great benefits. However, the engineers at Google thought of giving you a helping hand on the subject.

In a nutshell, The Qubit Game is a computer quantum simulator. Originally launched on World Quantum Day on April 14, it will most likely be available online for many years to come. Not for nothing, but like any other Google project, it has all the chances to reach the annals of history, especially if it has a noble purpose behind it. It helps you learn something new.

That’s how you build a quantum computer, qubit by qubit

Easy to understand, hard to master, that’s how you could synthesize The Qubit Game from Google. Made in collaboration with Doublespeak Games, the completely free title is described as “a playful journey to build a quantum computer, qubit by qubit”. Beyond the nice words, however, this is a marketing ploy, it is the latest effort from the Mountain View giant to create interest around an inaccessible field.

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If it wasn’t obvious from the title, the game revolves around qubits or Qubits. These are the smallest subdivision of a quantum computer. The good news is that in order to play, you don’t have to know the basics of quantum physics or even advanced math. The goal is to increase the number of qubits and keep them as cool as possible.

The elements that might make you a little smarter when it comes to this fascinating field are hidden in the messages that occasionally appear on the screen, issued by qubits, but also in the upgrades that you have available in the menu in Left. The more difficult the game, the more “you will discover more upgrades, complete research projects and hopefully become a little more curious about how we build quantum computers,” explained Abe Asfaw. on the official Google blog. He is the head of education for the Google Quantum division.

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