Who is the new CEO of Twitter? –

Recently, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the social media platform would have a new CEO and that he would step into a role more focused on product design and new technology.

Linda Yaccarino, who is the new CEO, will focus primarily on operations and will help Musk transform Twitter into X, what he calls the “all-app. Yaccarino certainly has the credentials to step in as Twitter’s CEO. She spent 15 years at Turner Entertainment, where she oversaw the launch of the streaming service before going to NBCUniversal as head of ad sales and helped launch the Peacock streaming service.

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So she has the experience, but some believe Yaccarino is still being set up to fail by Musk. So far, Musk’s run on Twitter has been controversial to say the least, having found support only in his echo chamber of tech-bros. His ideas for the platform have been shaky at best, and he has often gone back on policy because someone else told him how to do things better. To some, this means he essentially passed Yaccarino a huge problem without cleaning up any of it.

It also appears that Yaccarino’s role may be in name only, as Musk retains control of Twitter as executive chairman of social media.

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What do you think of the new Twitter CEO? Can she manage the bonfire that the platform has become?

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Who is the new CEO of Twitter?

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