Google Search, tested with a dynamic color interface, inspired by the Material You theme in Android 12

Google is about to apply the Material You style of Android 12 to the Google Search interface, with some changes.

Very new even for Android developers, who are still experimenting with various ways to harmonize their interface design with the theme imposed by Google, the Material You interface derives its colors from the Android 12 wallpaper. Its engine, called “Monet”, is but more versatile than that, and it can be adapted for many other purposes, such as customizing the Google Search interface.

In this case, we are talking about a test that targets the Google Search interface displayed in image searches, initiated either from the smartphone application or directly from the web browser. Instead of a single wallpaper, the standard used to select the color shade is the predominant color in the images in the results list. The same shade is used as the background color, but also for the selections and buttons displayed.

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Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the new version of the interface also has a functional purpose, the color shades used in order to group the displayed images according to their specificity. At the same time, the display of boxes and buttons using gradients of the same basic color aims to establish an obvious connection with the image displayed at the top of the screen.

Google Image Search

The list of changes in the new Image Search interface also includes a more prominent Google Lens button in the lower left corner, the site name and thumbnail displayed in the upper left corner, and the placement of the associated images in a horizontal scrolling carousel.

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Recently, Google conducted a similar experiment with the YouTube interface, applying a dynamic color scheme derived from the thumbnails of the displayed clips.

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