Google Pixel Tablet: Release, Preis, Features

The Pixel Tablet is a hybrid of a multimedia tablet and smart home hub (Image: Google)

The Pixel Tablet is a hybrid of a multimedia tablet and smart home hub (Image: Google)

The last tablet Google launched was the Pixel Slate. It was a convertible in the style of the Microsoft Surface devices with Chrome OS. Since then, the company has withdrawn from the tablet market. With the announcement of the Pixel Tablet, which is based on Android this time, Google is involved again. We have summarized all the important information and rumors for you.

How much will it cost and when will it be available?

According to German insider Roland Quandt from Winfuture, the price should be between 600 and 650 euros lay. This should contain the charging station.

According to a leak on Amazon spotted by 9to5Google, the charging dock will 130 US-Dollar cost. Interestingly, the release date at the shipping giant was set to the 10. May dated. This goes against the expectations of many experts, who believe that the Pixel tablet will not be available until June after Google I/O.

Of course, it’s also likely that Amazon just used the date as a placeholder. However, Amazon has since removed the offer.

What specifications does it have?

The Pixel Tablet is based on the Google Pixel 7 not only in terms of price, but also in terms of technical data.

  • Processor: Google Tensor G2 (5nm)
  • Random access memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • storage capacity: 128 and 256 GB
  • Operating system: Android 13 ab Working
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With these specs, we can expect a brisk performance, as is already known from the in-house smartphone. More information about the specifications is not yet known.

What will the Pixel Tablet look like?

The front of the docked Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

The front of the docked Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

The Pixel Tablet has relatively thick bezels for a 2023 device, but that also means it’s easier to pick up without accidentally typing. The front camera is on the right edge when you hold the tablet in portrait mode. Additionally, the 16:10 aspect ratio suggests that it’s more intended for use in landscape mode.

The corners and edges are rounded, which should ensure a comfortable grip. On the back you will find a camera and four round contacts for pogo pins that connect the tablet to the charging station.

On the back are the four contacts for the dock and the camera.  (Image: Google)

On the back are the four contacts for the dock and the camera. (Image: Google)

9to5Google is said to have learned that the tablet will be available in four different colors, of which only two are known. According to Roland Quandt, the two colors should be called “Porcelain” and “Haze”. In the pictures they look like beige and a pale green. According to Google, the tablet will have a “nanoceramic finish”. This is to add texture and grip to the material.

What can the docking station do?

The standout feature so far is the dock with built-in speakers. In no time at all, the Pixel Tablet can be converted from a multimedia entertainment device into a hub for your smart home. The result is a smart speaker in the style of the Google Nest Hub, but with a large 11-inch display.

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According to 9to5Google, the dock will be part of the scope of delivery. According to current information, no USB-C charger will be included as the dock can function as a charging station.

Using the pogo pins on the back of the Pixel Tablet and magnets, it attaches and connects to the dock. The dock itself is covered with a textile material and has built-in speakers. It has not yet been clarified whether the dock can also be used without the Pixel Tablet or whether it can be connected to other devices.

Physical privacy switch

From the same source, we learn that the Pixel Tablet will have a physical privacy switch. Pressing the switch disables microphones and cameras.

Ultra wideband (UWB) support

UWB is particularly well suited for precise location services (Image: Navigine)

UWB is particularly well suited for precise location services (Image: Navigine)

In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth, the Pixel Tablet will also support the previously little-used UWB standard, according to an FCC entry. UWB stands for Ultra Wideband and, compared to the other two wireless technologies, is more precise in location, faster and has a higher bandwidth.

For example, it could be used to locate things in your home or to quickly share music and files. The feature is currently only used in the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro for the function of a digital car key. If the FCC listing is really for the Pixel Tablet, it looks like it won’t support cellular connectivity.

We are looking forward to May 10th, when Google I/O 2023 will take place and the Pixel Tablet will be presented. Do you think Google made the right decision and will succeed with a tablet smart home hybrid? Are you interested in it yourself? Write us your opinion in the comments and check back here regularly to get the latest information about Google’s new tablet!

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