Now save 200 € on a powerful freezer and finally enjoy the good weather again

At Cyberport you can get this spacious freezer for more than 200€ cheaper until August 17th.

This spacious freezer is available at Cyberport for more than €200 less until August 17th.

Now that we’ve had to deal with bad weather long enough, it should be really nice next week. High time to enjoy the summer at the beach party or on a camping holiday. Of course, cold drinks are a must and instead of buying expensive bottles individually at the kiosk, you can simply stow your supplies in this freezer.

Stock up on cold drinks on the go from this freezer at Cyberport

Beach party or camping holiday: cold drinks are a must

Imagine you are on the beach with your friends, the sun is shining and you fancy a few ice-cold drinks. However, your fridge at home is miles away. Don’t worry, the DOMETIC CoolFreeze freezer is here to save your day!

This portable cooler and freezer is your new best friend for all your adventures. With the ability to chill food and beverages down to -15°C, you can rest assured that you refreshing delicacies during your excursions will accompany.

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The freezer has one LED interior lighting, which gives you the perfect overview of your supplies even in the dark. And you know what’s really awesome? You can not only chill, but also freeze! This is especially handy if you want to keep your supplies fresh or even take a small amount of frozen food with you.

The freezer has interior lighting and can be operated with both 12V and 24V.

The freezer has interior lighting and can be operated with both 12V and 24V.

The integrated digital display makes it easy for you to set and keep track of the indoor temperature. No more guesswork as to whether your drinks are perfectly chilled or too frosty. And the integrated handles ensure that you can easily transport the freezer from A to B. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach, this freezer will make your life easier.

Speaking of simplicity, the DOMETIC CoolFreeze CDF 36 is not only user-friendly, but also extremely efficient. She can come with me 12 or 24 V DC powered, meaning you can use them in the car or even with a solar power source. So you can experience your adventures without worrying about power consumption.

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Once the summer is over, the freezer finds its place in either the basement or storage room and serves there as a mini fridge or in your car. This allows you to plan purchases much more flexibly and you no longer have to make sure to buy the frozen goods last or rush so that they don’t go to waste.

Stock up on cold drinks on the go from this freezer at Cyberport

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