Google I/O 2023 with Pixel 7a, foldable phone, tablet and more

Fans of the Android operating system and upcoming Pixel devices are sure to be excited for the upcoming show. Specifically, the Google I/O will take place on May 10, 2023.

In addition to the Pixel 7a and other news about Android 14, we can expect more highlights, which we can look forward to. Below you can find out what ideas we have in mind.

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Google I/O – first look at Android 14

With a very high probability, Google will give us a first glimpse of the new operating system for Android. Android 14 has already been released as a preview for developers.

Beta access shouldn’t be long in coming either. However, it will be some time before the latest version is available to everyone.

A brief insight into Android 14 should be forthcoming.

A brief insight into Android 14 should be forthcoming.

It probably won’t be until August, similar to the release of Android 13. Aside from satellite communication support and Passkey – which could potentially replace passwords – there will probably be other security and quality-of-life improvements as a priority.

As always, Pixel phone owners will be the first to enjoy Android 14, but not all. Unfortunately, the Pixel 4a will no longer receive the latest update.

Google Bard and more AI announcements at Google I/O

ChatGPT caused a stir in Silicon Valley. Google’s answer was not long in coming, but it also brought some errors with it.

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It was originally announced that the chat AI would have its place in Google’s search engine. In the meantime, the top dog is rowing back and revising the statement made by CEO Sundar Pichai.

We’ll probably learn more about Bard at the dev conference. In general, we assume that the topic of artificial intelligence will occupy a large space. After all, this also affects the smartphone division of Google.

The Google Pixel 7a may be introduced

Google’s new mid-range smartphone will probably be unveiled at I/O 2023. So far, some details about the phone have been leaked, as you can read here:

Google Pixel 7a: All information and rumors about the release, prices and specs at a glance

The Pixel 7a is coming in a few months.  (Image: ONLEAKS)

The Pixel 7a is coming in a few months. (Image: ONLEAKS)

It could be a while before the Pixel 7a is available. Its predecessor – the Pixel 6a – wasn’t available until two months after it was announced in July.

The supposedly biggest highlights of the smartphone include a 90 Hertz display, the Tensor G2 chip and 128 GB of memory.

The pixel tablet shouldn’t be far away

Google has already announced their new Pixel tablet in 2022. So far, however, it has become quiet about the flounder based on Android. It is quite possible that no concrete start date for the new tablet will be announced at the I/O in May.

The Pixel Tablet was announced by Google back in 2022.

The Pixel Tablet was announced by Google back in 2022.

Nevertheless, we assume that the long-awaited Android tablet will be mentioned and more details about it will be known.

The pixel tablet is said to be equipped with the G2 Tensor chip and run on Android 12L. The operating system has been specially developed for devices with larger screens.

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Debut: The Pixel Fold at Google I/O

It is already being rumored online that Google’s first foldable cell phone will be presented in the second quarter of 2023 – very likely at the developer conference. At least this is what a leaked roadmap from Google shows.

The Galaxy Fold from Samsung is finally getting competition from the Pixel Fold.  (PICTURE: fpt)

The Galaxy Fold from Samsung is finally getting competition from the Pixel Fold. (PICTURE: fpt)

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Google will actually give us an initial insight into the foldable.

If you are hoping for a comparatively thin folding cell phone, you may be disappointed. Judging by the first leaks, the device will not be exactly slim.

The price that is to be called for the device will probably not be slim either. Those who are interested in the foldable mobile phone have to reckon with around 1800 euros – according to the rumors so far.

Wear OS – further improvements

Wear OS takes place. This is also shown by the latest leaks for the Pixel update for March 2023. Google is keeping its promise to include the operating system for its smartwatch in its update cycle.

Previous information on Wear OS 4 is very limited. We therefore do not assume that Google will prepare an announcement for the new version. Again, we think Google is at least making a small announcement about how Wear OS will be improved in the future.

What else could be presented at Google I/O?

We are almost certain that long-time favorites such as Google Maps and Google Lens will secure their permanent place at the developer conference. In recent years, the search engine giant used to show innovations for its own services.

As we believe that the topic of AI will play an overriding role, we are particularly excited about new features for Google Maps, Translate and Lens.

It’s a little over two months until the conference. Are you as excited as we are, or do such events leave you completely cold? What announcements or new features are you most looking forward to and which ones don’t give you a damn? Which device would you most likely buy? Let us know in the comments below!

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