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Google Chrome gets a new sidebar to use with Google Search


Google has added a new sidebar to the Chrome browser that could help you more easily “sift” through Google Search results without having to switch between the results tab and newly opened pages.

Taking advantage of its control over the Chrome browser, Google has implemented a new sidebar that keeps your results list while you check incoming links. So instead of opening and closing Chrome tabs, you’ll simply click on the Google Search results displayed in the sidebar, without ever leaving the current tab.

According to the explanation provided on Google’s blog, all you have to do to experiment with the new feature is go to the first link that caught your eye on Google Search, and then activate the Google logo displayed in the address bar. After that, all you have to do is choose other results from the list on the right of the screen, without wasting time switching between tabs.

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For example, when searching for a recipe, you can jump from one result to another until you find the one you like best without having to use the back button, possibly keeping in mind where you are in the list of search results.

Not exactly an innovation, the functionality seems rather inspired by the sidebar already displayed to Microsoft Edge users, but with somewhat poorer functionality.

Also in the news, Google promises a new “Track Price” feature, which will allow Google Search users to discover the best prices on products they’re looking for. However, this feature will only be available to users in certain geographic regions (e.g. USA).

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