Google changes the Security & Privacy panel to list all relevant settings in one place

The launch of Pixel 7 comes with important changes for all Android users, as Google follows up on requests from users who have criticized for years how very important settings relevant to managing personal data and protecting personal data were made “lost” through multiple settings screens.

The new unified security and privacy panel comes to save users from multiple and often confusing jumps between configuration menus. From now on, security and privacy options will appear in a single panel. App security, Find my device settings, security updates, device lock, Google Play updates and more will appear in a single Security & Privacy panel.

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Starting with the introductory section, you’ll be able to see an overview of your device’s security status and even initiate a quick scan to see if everything is working properly. There are also a few cards that can warn you about potential dangers associated with a particular app installed on your device, complete with the relevant setting for uninstalling it.

According to Google, the new privacy and security dashboard is heading will be available first on Pixel phones, and will then be enabled for the rest of Android users. To be fair, Google hasn’t released a release date, with the new interface appearing only in the Android 13 QPR Beta 2 edition offered for testing.

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