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E-scooters are really practical, especially for short journeys within cities. Just rush to the nearest bakery or head to the local supermarket for dinner – With an e-scooter you can travel short distances elegantly and effortlessly. Ideal for anywhere where there is no subway/subway or bus.

E-bikes serve a similar purpose, but are quite a bit more expensive and are not so easy to take into your home, where they are safe from wind and weather or theft. The bestseller among the e-scooters on Amazon is now available at a greatly reduced price:

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The e-scooter bestseller on Amazon: NIU KQi1 Pro

The NIU KQi1 Pro is equipped with a powerful rear-wheel drive that… 450 watt motor (maximum power) and a rated continuous power of 250 watts offers. This enables a maximum speed of up to 20 km/h, depending on the selected driving mode.

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With a total of four different modes, you can adjust the speed according to your needs. Even climbing Gradients up to 14 percent This e-scooter doesn’t cause any problems. This means you can easily tackle hills and climbs without breaking a sweat.

A crucial factor when choosing an e-scooter is range, and the NIU KQi1 Pro scores here too. With its 243Wh/2500mAh lithium-ion battery you can Cover distances of up to 25 km, depending on various factors such as driving style, tire pressure and road conditions. Charging the battery usually only takes around 5-6 hours, which means your scooter charge overnight and be ready to go again the next morning.

Security is a top priority, and the NIU KQi1 Pro offers one dual braking systemto ensure shorter braking distances and maximum safety in road traffic. This system includes a drum brake at the front and an advanced regenerative brake at the rear. The regeneration brake not only contributes to safety, but also recovers kinetic energy from every braking process, which increases the maximum range.

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One of the most notable features of the NIU KQi1 Pro is its extra wide 9-inch tubeless pneumatic tire. These tires not only provide better suspension over bumps, but also provide for a safe and comfortable driving experience, even on unpaved roads such as gravel, dirt and grass. The scooter glides smoothly over various surfaces and offers you a smooth driving experience.

Get the bestseller while stocks last on Amazon

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