Although it sold well in the pre-order campaign, the iPhone 14 seems to be off the table for Apple fans

Following the promisingly successful pre-order campaign, demand for the iPhone 14 has plummeted, forcing Apple to revise orders sent to manufacturers in the Asia region.

If in anticipation of the launch event the online space abounded with rumors of the inevitable iPhone 14 stock shortage, driven by Apple’s partners’ inability to procure sufficient supplies of components to sustain phone production at a level adequate to meet the huge demand anticipated by the American company, it would now appear that we are facing a complete reversal of fortune. Following solid sales generated during the pre-order campaign by fans eager to get their hands on the newest iPhone model as soon as possible, it seems that the rest of the consumers have been put off by the exorbitant prices and general lack of innovation compared to the previous generation iPhone 13.

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According to information obtained by Bloomberg, iPhone 14 sales are not good enough to justify keeping plans to increase production in anticipation of the winter shopping season, with Apple already taking steps to adjust the volume ordered from OEM partners in the Asia region.

Apparently, while iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 owners consider the current device good enough to skip another iPhone generation, for the 14 Pro and Pro Max models there would be enough demand from buyers who want “the best iPhone”. Most often loyal customers of mobile companies’ subscription packages, they are looking more at the monthly fee, ignoring the phone’s list price. Outlining a strategy that could prove very profitable for Apple, the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max series are about the only ones that bring real innovations, such as a faster chipset and noticeably improved photo capabilities. Thus, the new model appears as a “refresh” iPhone 13 and the 14 Plus is only slightly cheaper than the 14 Pro. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are starting to show up with discounted prices, turning away even more potential iPhone 14 buyers.

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