Gmail will have the option to turn off notifications on your smartphone while you use your PC

Especially for those who use Gmail intensively, receiving notifications on your smartphone in time you use your PC to check messages translates into a veritable cacophony of audio and visual alerts, which does not help productivity in any way.

Trained every day to react to the sounds and vibrations that announce notifications received on your smartphone, those users who also use the PC for “serious business” can’t appreciate the way email messages are announced and re-announced on both dispozitive. Thus, overloading with notifications is a “phenomenon” as real as possible nowadays. Some react out of exhaustion, simply stopping their announcement, thinking that they will eventually remember to check out the really important news. But there are also those who develop a real obsession with verifying notification messages. If they come in large numbers and are also duplicated on connected devices, we already have the recipe for a nervous breakdown.

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In anticipation of these situations, Google has decided to add a new setting for Gmail users to selectively disable notifications, leaving them only active on the device currently in use.

This way, with a single setting, you’ll be able to pause your Gmail notifications on your phone only when you don’t need them, without missing any important email.

Next, Google will know exactly how long you’ve been in front of that PC by turning off notifications in the Gmail smartphone app.

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