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Sony has launched LinkBuds S, a premium wireless headset with noise canceling and lossless playback technology


Sony LinkBuds S are certainly some of the most advanced wireless headphones you can buy, able to complement the stellar features and performance with an excellent miniaturized construction.

The latest addition to the LinkBuds series comes at a not inconsiderable price $ 199.99 / euro and weighs 4.8 grams (x2, plus carrying case).

Presented as a demonstration of Sony’s technological expertise, the LinkBuds S headphones promise a comparable audio experience to using a much larger set of over-the-ear headphones, but in a much smaller package. Promoted as a “Never Off” product to wear all day, the LinkBuds S headphones have advanced optimizations for power management, ensuring that long periods of standby will not bite too much battery life. The idea is to wear one or both headphones while watching your daily activities, receiving voice calls or listening to music without worrying about wearing something in your ear. This can be a disadvantage, in the idea that you will notice the precious gadget falling out of your ear too late.

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Sony attributes the promised performance to a dedicated processor called the V1, optimized with the overall design of the headphones, aiming for the best possible experience in terms of audio performance, background noise isolation and autonomy.

Bonus, we also have the LDAC codec, optimized for audio playback without loss of quality through the Bluetooth connection, in conditions of low power consumption. Finally, the Sony LinkBuds S headphones come with IPX4 protection, dust and water splash efficiency.

At least for now, Sony does not confirm a version compatible with wireless charging systems, which means that you will have to have the USB-C cable at hand, at least for now.

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