Germany says its navy will participate in investigation into alleged Nord Stream sabotage

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German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced Wednesday that the country’s navy will participate in the investigation into the alleged sabotage committed on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

“We must now quickly clarify the circumstances of this disturbing incident and identify those responsible,” he said, before confirming that he has held talks with his Danish counterpart, Morten Bodskov, and adding that they have agreed to share available information on what happened.

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“The damage to the pipelines also shows us how important for the security of our country and that of our allies a strong navy framed by a capable armed forces is,” Lambrecht stressed, as reported by the German news agency DPA.

On Tuesday, Denmark, Poland, the United States and Norway expressed suspicions that the pipeline leaks are the result of sabotage. Seismologists in Sweden have gone further and confirmed explosions in the area hours before the leaks were confirmed.

Nord Stream operator Nord Stream AG said Tuesday that damage to three of the pipelines late Monday was “unprecedented” following a gas leak in one of the sections of Nord Stream 2 and a loss of pressure in Nord Stream 1, with no known causes at this time.

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