General Motors invests in mobile electricity: what plans do Americans have

Hydrotec technology can change the way multiple market segments work.

Generators powered by GM Hydrotec technology are designed to allow fast charging of electric vehicles without permanent charging points, among other uses.

General Motors plans to launch multi-purpose power generators, including electric vehicle chargers, powered by its Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell technology, the automaker said.

Power generators are designed to allow fast charging of electric vehicles without permanent charging points.

They could replace gasoline and diesel generators at construction sites, buildings, film sets, data centers, and outdoor concerts and festivals, GM said. It could also act as a source of backup energy during a power outage in residential communities.

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An interesting innovation

Power generators are the next phase of GM’s strategy to expand its Hydrotec technology to adjacent industries. The carmaker is also implementing Hydrotec technology in the aerospace, locomotive and heavy truck industries.

“Our vision for a fully electric future is broader than passenger vehicles or even transportation,” Charlie Freese, chief executive of global Hydrotec, said in a statement. “Our experience with the architecture of Ultium vehicles, propulsion components and Hydrotec fuel cells can expand access to energy in many different industries and uses, while helping to reduce emissions often associated with power generation.”

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The carmaker will build Hydrotec fuel cell systems with Honda.

GM’s generator partner, Renewable Innovations, will produce the generators at its Salt Lake City units.

General Motors and Renewable Innovations plan to implement the generators in three applications: retail charging stations for electric vehicles, a mobile power generator and a palletized mobile generator.

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