The most beautiful Christmas cities in the world. Where you can spend your dream holidays

If you’re the type to spend your holidays traveling, and not with your family, then you shouldn’t miss the information below. Christmas is beautiful in every corner of the world, but there are a few cities that have conquered us, and after you see what it looks like in this magical month, you will not stop to think and plan your next vacation immediately. Here are the most beautiful Christmas cities.

Top of the most beautiful Christmas cities

Whether you want to see medieval cities, beautiful scenery with lots of snow, colorful stalls full of goodies and magical decorations, each of these cities will captivate you.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities worth visiting because of the way it is decorated. The whole city seems detached from a story, and the specific fairs will make you feel like a fairy tale. And the old buildings add value to the trip, because you will not be able to take your eyes off them. It’s a magical city.

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New York, USA

New York is fabulous at any time of the year. But during the holidays it is a dream come true. Central Park, the ice rink in the middle of it and the beautiful Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center will catch your eye. Not to mention the gift shops, so beautifully arranged that you will not resist the temptation to come in and buy something for your loved ones.

London, England

Even England is not to be missed during Christmas, the city being decorated with thousands and thousands of lights, especially the Oxford Street area, where you can shop until you run out.

Quebec City, Canada

For snow lovers, this is the city you need to come to. Everything is so welcoming, with a fairytale atmosphere and big snow reminiscent of childhood. In addition, people are so warm and open that you won’t want to leave. The decorations are not missing either, so here you will find the complete package.

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Rovaniemi, Finland

Don’t you want to spend Christmas at home with Santa Claus? And if you have children, they will certainly appreciate it. Even if we do not find imposing buildings here, there are other things that will fascinate you. The northern lights, the reindeer walking through the snow, the little lights in the city will make your vacation a dream come true.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

For year-round warmth enthusiasts, an excellent option is San Juan, the Caribbean city. Even without snow, the place has its magic and must be visited at least once. There are parties everywhere, there is an atmosphere of joy, and the children are the most advantaged, they will spend moments of millions.

Crete, Greece

And for those who love the sea in any season of the year, then Crete, or any other part of Greece is the ideal choice. The high temperatures, the sea breeze and the beautiful landscapes will bring you the much desired peace of the holidays.

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