Galaxy Z Fold4, more durable than many phones without a foldable screen (VIDEO)

Disappointing quite a few fans, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold4 as an incremental upgrade to its Fold3 predecessor, delivering slightly more performance and battery life, but from a package that remained largely unchanged.

Far from being a failure, the Galaxy Z Fold4 delivered exactly what was expected of it: a slightly more polished design and increased performance, achieved without reducing the already insufficient battery life. Well, things are even a little better than that, with endurance tests conducted on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel revealing a product that can endure just about anything. At least, as long as you don’t abuse the foldable screen too much.

We learn along the way that the Galaxy Z Fold4’s screen is still so vulnerable that you can leave permanent deformities by simply pressing it with your fingernail, or that the glass upgraded to Gorilla Glass Victus Plus generation is still applied under a hard plastic film that will scratch at the slightest touch. In fact, we clarified some time ago that the mineral glass applied to foldable screens only serves to preserve rigidity in general, in the sense that the screen won’t “ripple” after prolonged use. Otherwise, the scratch protection is more of a fantasy, with the inclusion of the ultra-thin glass layer being more of a vulnerability, as it is the first to crack after (accidental) removal of the plastic film applied to the outside.

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The good news is that the Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with IPX8 protection, meaning that the phone is protected against contact with dust particles and even complete immersion in water, meaning that the foldable screen is no longer necessarily a vulnerability of the phone.

While the screen is just as susceptible to normal wear and tear, the Galaxy Z Fold4 design is surprisingly durable, with the phone withstanding the bend test both with the screen folded and unfolded.

In the end, Samsung manages to prove that it has an unrivalled advantage in the foldable phone segment, still delivering arguably the most reliable foldable on the market.

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