Family members of the ten trapped miners in Mexico will sign a waiver of the rescue

The relatives of the ten miners trapped for almost a month in a coal mine in the state of Coahuila, in northern Mexico, will sign on Saturday a waiver of rescue with the Mexican authorities.

This was announced by several of them to local Mexican media, adding that some of them have already started to set up camp around the mine when the rescue operations started after the accident, 26 days ago.

“There is no point in staying here”, said to ‘El Financiero’ the sister of one of the trapped miners in view of the agreement that so far six of the ten coal miners’ wives have reached with the inter-institutional rescue team.

The agreement will contemplate possible compensations and will end with a religious novena in honor of the ten coal workers already declared dead in the shafts of the El Pinabete mine in Sabinas.

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“They told us it would take up to two years to get the water out. They didn’t accept help from anyone. It hurts us so much. Even if it hurts, we don’t want to, it’s already the last resort. It is very difficult,” the wife of another of the miners commented to ‘El Universal’, alluding to the difficulty of the rescue services in rescuing the ten coal miners.

A commemoration is expected next Saturday because it will be one month since the incident occurred. Among the agreements is also the construction of a memorial in the area of the accident.

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The ten miners were trapped after a subway river caused flooding and blocked the mine exits.

It was one of the mine workers who made the Civil Protection aware of what had happened, after he managed to get out safely through an old gallery.

The mine began operations in January 2022, and to date there had been no reports of any type of anomaly. However, accidents of this type are common in the region, the last one recorded in June 2021, when seven people lost their lives after the area where they were working was flooded.

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