Galaxy S23 Ultra performance revealed with benchmark results

Following rumours that the Galaxy S23 series will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, we now also find out what the performance of the flagship model, the S23 Ultra, could be.

According to reports so far Samsung will “skip” the next generation of Exynos chipsets, preferring to invest in reworking the architecture used as low as possible, hoping that maybe next year it will be able to outperform rival Qualcomm’s solutions.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm isn’t sitting idly by either, with details so far pointing to a reorganization of the CPU configuration, including more cores in the “performance” category.

Contrary to expectations, Qualcomm’s next chipset for high-end phones will retain the tri-cluster arrangement, with some tweaks. So, instead of four high-efficiency cores we’ll have just three, operating at 2.02GHz. Much more powerful, the cluster of mid-range performance cores increases from three to four, at a frequency of 2.8GHz. Recommended by the architecture that favours higher performance (at the trade-off of increased power consumption), the main processing core, used in tasks such as starting applications running in the foreground, will have a rated frequency of 3.36GHz.

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Under the new formula favoring mid-level processing, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 solution should deliver noticeably higher performance than the current chipset, though not at the level of Apple-supplied alternatives.

Identified by the codename SM-S918U, the alleged Galaxy S23 Ultra prototype scored 1521 points in the Geekbenck 5 single-core test and 4689 points in the multi-core test. By comparison, the current Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship scores 1157 points in the single-core test and 3307 points the multi-core test. Also from the Geekbench catalog we learn that the alleged Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 8GB of RAM, most likely LPDDR5X.

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According to the preliminary specs list, Samsung’s next flagship comes with a 200MP camera, 5000 mAh battery and 6.8-inch display, accommodated in a case with an upgraded design over the current generation.

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