How to “kick out” someone who uses your Netflix account

Netflix has added a new feature that comes to the aid of those who have an account they’ve given to other people, but can no longer “kick” them off their account. There used to be a single option for revoking access from all active devices, but now you can manually search and revoke each device individually without having to re-register on the streaming service.

Officially, the company says it wants to give users more control over their accounts, but unofficially, they’re hoping that paying users will remember that they borrowed the account from friends, or former partners and forgot they still had the account. Netflix has been trying over the past year to convince as many non-paying users of its services as possible to become payers, and this is just its latest effort in that direction.

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If you’ve ever left your Netflix account logged in on friends’ devices, on TVs at hotels or hostels, or if you’ve simply argued with someone who keeps using your account, here’s what you need to do. Important to note, however, is that if those who have access to the account also know the account password, they can log in again.

How to revoke access on other devices from your Netflix account

  • From the web interface or the Netflix iOS or Android apps, go to your profile picture at the top and go to Account Settings.
  • A new option has appeared under Security & Privacy: Manage access and Devices
  • This menu now lists detailed information about devices from which the Netflix account was recently accessed
  • You can select each device individually and choose the Sign Out option to revoke access on that device.
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source: Netflix blog

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