Three useful power tools in the home available this week at Lidl

This week sees the start of Lidl’s Back to School campaign, where parents will have a range of specially-priced school supplies and some useful ‘gadgets’ for children. Today, 22 August, the products we were talking about last week enter the Lidl offer: a tablet with stylus and LCD screen for notes for 40 lei, a writing tablet with marker and a paper sheet laminator (more details in the dedicated article). Also this week, however, Lidl will be introducing a range of power tools useful around the house.

Lidl introduces three power tools from Parkside, with internal battery and USB-C charging

On Thursday, August 25, Lidl introduces new tools from the Parkside range to its offer. These always stand out as being available at unbeatable prices compared to the competition, without necessarily compromising on build quality.

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At 89,99 lei, Lidl will have the Parkside cordless screwdriver on offer. It comes bundled with a set of 26 screwdriver bits and a magnetic bit holder for them to make it easier to organise. The screwdriver has a maximum torque of 10 Nm and allows 200 revolutions per minute. Unlike other screwdrivers, which use external batteries, this one has an internal battery that charges from a USB-C plug. Unfortunately, like the last generations of iPhones, this screwdriver doesn’t come with a charger in the package either. However, the bundled cable can be plugged into any USB charger you have around the house already.

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Another good “gadget” to have in the house is a laser rangefinder, with a roulette wheel included. It allows you to measure with a laser beam and displays the measured distance on the LCD screen. However, if the electronic system runs out of battery, you don’t necessarily run out of measuring tools, as it also includes a 3m physical ruler. There are even two spirit levels. Laser accuracy should be within 2 millimetres. And this device includes a 300 mAh internal battery and charges from USB-C, and the LCD screen even allows you to record the last 100 measurements in memory. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with a plug-in charger in the package either. This device is a bit more expensive at 149.99 lei, but it will certainly come in handy for a long time around the house.

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Finally, Lidl introduces a kit consisting of an AC voltage tester, a plug tester and a satellite TV signal detector. At 29.99 lei, it could save users a few headaches when they need to install an aerial or fit an outlet.

source: Lidl offers

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