Google will help users of tablets and foldable phones by highlighting well-optimized applications in the Play Store

Even though the proliferation of large screen phones has not completely removed the tablets from the equation, their users are facing a shortage of well-optimized applications, many of the selections available in the Play Store coming with an interface optimized only for smartphones.

Designed for the cramped screen of smartphones, many Android applications do not look good when they are “stretched” on the diagonal of a tablet, the interface elements appear too small and separated by a lot of wasted space. Also, many developers completely neglect the support for display in separate windows, restricting users to the possibilities of multitasking on tablets that would allow the use of several applications simultaneously.

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Trying to put more pressure on developers, Google will begin to divide the selections displayed to tablet users into two distinct categories: “high-quality” applications, which are optimized for large screens, and so-called “low-quality” applications. which you install “at your own risk”. Although the latter will continue to appear in searches, the order in the results lists will certainly favor well-optimized applications for the device used by the user, which will thus obtain more installations.

The exact criteria for awarding the “high-quality” certification have been outlined in a separate guide, taking into account both the classic tablets that Google would like to make more desirable, but especially the requirements of the new emerging category of folding screen devices.

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To make it easier to avoid applications that may not provide the best experience on the screen of a foldable tablet or phone, Google will give users a warning about the lack of necessary optimizations.

In a decision that could be interpreted as a positive aspect, Google will favor the displayed rating and reviews given on the application page depending on the type of device you are using. For example, if you’re a smartphone user, you won’t see negative reviews left by a tablet user, and vice versa.

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