You can now convert YouTube Music songs to ringtones using the Google Clock app

Android users can now also use the Google Clock app to create custom ringtones or alarms using recorded clips from songs played on YouTube Music

While offering a reasonable selection of preset ringtones for the alarm clock setting or ringtone function, when it came to choosing a custom ringtone the Google Clock app stopped short of selecting the audio file from the phone’s memory, leaving users to discover the appropriate source.

The functionality enabled by a change in Google’s servers can be accessed from Google Clock version 7.3 onwards, with the ringtone selection menu also containing a Record new option, the activation of which redirects the user to the Google Recorder app. In other words, the song found on YouTube Music is not picked up as such and clipped. Instead, the user is allowed to record a time-limited sequence using the song playing on the phone. The resulting files appear directly in the list of selectable ringtones, identified by the date and time they were created.

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Unfortunately, records created in this way cannot be renamed directly from the Clock app, but those who prefer this functionality for creating ringtones can use a solution such as Files by Google to manually locate and rename the resulting files.

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