Galaxy S23 expected to have the brightest OLED display ever on a smartphone

With few months left until the official launch announcement, the Galaxy S23 is becoming more and more a favorite topic on the rumor mill, confirming step-by-step the innovations Samsung is preparing.

Coming on the heels of Apple’s flagship, Samsung has no choice but to add satellite connectivity to the flagship Galaxy S23 as well, but that won’t be the most exciting feature. In its role as a homegrown supplier of high-end displays, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S23 with its most powerful OLED display yet.

According to revelations in the South Korean publication ETNews, Samsung officials are already in advanced negotiations with Iridium, the operator of one of the oldest satellite internet networks, with the South Koreans looking to get satellite connectivity for the upcoming flagship Galaxy S23 series. As with Apple phones, support will be strictly limited to alerting emergency numbers in situations without coverage on any of the terrestrial mobile networks.

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However, Apple’s implementation looks like it will also include an important benefit, allowing users to supplement the information provided from within the space of an SMS message with photos taken using the phone’s camera. Admittedly, these will be sent at low resolution, but they could be useful in situations where the person in need of help is in an unfamiliar location that they can’t describe in just a few words.

As for improvements on the performance side, the Galaxy S23 is expected to come with the most advanced OLED display in Samsung’s offering, capable of sustaining a brightness of 2150 nits (maybe more) over short durations. Like, for checking notification alerts with the screen in direct sunlight. By comparison, the current top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra can reach a maximum brightness of 1750 nits, before screen warming forces a switch to a display intensity that prevents permanent damage.

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