The replacement for the impressive M2 chip should appear in new hardware in 2023

The successor to the iMac from 2021 is due to be released this year. The new Apple computer is to be equipped with the new M3 chip, which Apple is rumored to be introducing later this year.

publication later this year

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release a 24-inch iMac in the second half of 2023. The development of the iMac has reached the late stage of development, according to Mark Gurman.

Apple is already conducting manufacturing tests of the new hardware. Mark Gurman therefore assumes that the iMac will go into mass production in three months at the earliest.

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The new iMac should again have a display size of 24 inches.

The new iMac should again have a display size of 24 inches.

In addition to the iMac, Apple is probably planning to release three other Macs in 2023. These include the first 15-inch MacBook Air, the first Mac Pro with the M chips developed by Apple and an improved version of the 13-inch MacBook Air.

Known for his inside knowledge of Apple, Mark Gurman has been writing about the Silicon Valley company’s product plans for over a decade. Therefore, his forecasts can be considered a relatively reliable source.

With the colors everything stays the same, under the hood a lot has changed

The new iMac will get the same driving choices as its 2021 predecessor. With the current model, customers can choose between seven colors. These include silver, orange, pink and blue.

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The iMac of 2021 could be bought in different colors.

The iMac of 2021 could be bought in different colors.

But a lot will change under the hood. The new iMac is set to feature the company’s latest chip, the M3 chip. The internal structure of the iMac is completely redesigned and the iMac stand is connected differently to the computer body.

It is not yet possible to say how big the performance difference between the M1 and M3 chip will be. However, the difference between the M1 and M2 chip was relatively small.

The iconic iMac has been part of Apple’s product portfolio for a very long time. In 2021, the stationary PC was revised and equipped with the M1 processor. Are you ready for the successor to the iMac 2021? What do you think will be the difference in performance between the M2 and M3 chips? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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