Galaxy S23 could be priced significantly higher than S22

According to a price list that was “leaked” on the internet by SK Telekom, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series of smartphones could come with a significant price hike. This is in tune with inflation, but also with what Apple did a few months ago in certain regions, i.e. it will add between 10 and 20% to the price of previous models.

Each individual Galaxy S23 model could see a 10-20% price increase

The rumor comes from Twitter, where a price list for the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra has been published. These are starting prices, for the base variants, so models with storage larger than 128 or 256 GB (as applicable) will be even more expensive than that.

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The Galaxy S23 will start at a price of 1,199,000 won, equivalent to US$933, and the top model Galaxy S23+ will start at 1,397,000 won, or almost US$1,100 ($1,096). Finally, those opting for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the top model in the series, will have to shell out 1,599,400 won, equivalent to US$1,253. The S22 models start at 999,900, 1,199,000 and 1,452,000 won respectively in South Korea.

However, it is possible that the price increases will “hit” the markets differently. Even Apple didn’t price the iPhone 14 everywhere, only in certain regions. In the US, the company kept prices the same.

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The decision is also likely to be affected by Samsung’s declining profits lately, as well as the increased production costs of certain components. However, in the case of processors, the company should receive a significant discount, as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset that will be integrated into the Galaxy S23 could be a modified one and produced in Samsung’s factories, not at TSMC, as with other Qualcomm chip variants.

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