Smartphone for the wrist – one of the largest smartwatch manufacturers wants to make cell phones obsolete

Can a smartwatch replace a smartphone?  The Wristpone wants to make it happen.  (Symbol image: cherdchai, Adobe Stock)

Can a smartwatch replace a smartphone? The Wristpone wants to make it happen. (Symbol image: cherdchai, Adobe Stock)

Hands up, who knows the brand “Fire-Boltt” from India, one of the largest smartwatch manufacturers in the world?

Now you know her. It is precisely this company that has introduced its new smartphone, which is said to be made for the wrist. Fire-Boltt doesn’t skimp on superlatives and promises nothing less than the next “big revolution” in the mobile communications market.

What do we already know about the smartphone for the wrist?

Wristphone – Smartphone im Look der Apple Watch

There is no information about specs, availability or prices on the official website yet. The images on the website are reminiscent of a western competitor with an apple logo. This extends from the connection of the bracelets to the side crown with the red circle.

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However, there is also occasional information in between the marketing speak.

The manufacturer Fire-Boltt wants to develop a smart phone for the wrist that can do much more than count steps or read the clock. The company’s X-Post also makes it clear that the gadget is not a smartwatch:

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“Buckle up for the grand finale of smartphones,” writes the company.

Accordingly, a Wear OS operating system will probably not be used, but most likely an Android derivative. Initial tests have to show how “smart” the operation will be on such a small display with Android.

The third-party apps that are not optimized for such a small display are likely to pose a particular challenge.

After all, according to the manufacturer, the wristphone will be presented shortly. Until then, it will be interesting to see whether Fire-Boltt actually keeps its high promises or whether it will just try to replace the smartphone.

What do you all mean? Has the wristphone piqued your interest? Can you imagine strutting around with just a smartwatch on your wrist, without a smartphone? Or are AI gadgets the future? What could really replace the smartphone? Feel free to write us your ideas in the comments below!

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