REVIEW Unidentified – one of the best Romanian movies on Netflix

If you’ve been missing a good Romanian movie, Neidentificat might be just what you need to see.

The good news is that Neidentificat is now available on Netflix, along with an impressive collection of Romanian films you can watch on the network.

Neidentificat, a film with a good script, good execution, but a slightly overblown ending

Unidentified tells the story of policeman Florin Ispas, played by Bogdan Farcaș, who becomes obsessed with a case that doesn’t belong to him and does his best to take it over from his colleague.

To do this, he repeatedly insists to his boss, played by Vasile Muraru. But as the latter is not convinced, the policeman resorts to “unorthodox” methods to achieve his goal.

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The story is one hundred percent psychological and revolves around the idea of morality. In other words, it shows us just how thin the line between moral and immoral is, in the context of a Romanian police employee who, at the same time, faces his own problems.

The two stories (professional and personal) come together in a way you wouldn’t expect, and at the end you get a twist that’s hard to anticipate.

I can’t help but praise the performance of actor Bogdan Farcaș, who manages to make you empathize with him, but at the same time hate him for the decisions he makes and, in general, for who he is.

The film, in itself, is a puzzle film, in that you are presented with certain elements that don’t necessarily make sense at the time, but as time goes on, it all comes together naturally, towards the completion of the story.

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If you like movies with a happy ending, this one isn’t necessarily for you.

However, despite Unidentified being a good film overall, the ending feels slightly forced. If the ending had taken place ten minutes earlier, without the second twist, it might have worked a little better.

As it stands, the film gives you the feeling of an extremely tasty cake, spoiled by an ingredient that could, very well, have been missing.

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