Galaxy S22 Ultra completely disassembled: Victus + glass is easier to scratch than “standard” S22

It seems that there is a small difference between the materials used on the Galaxy S22 and S22 + and those from which the Galaxy S22 Ultra is made, because in the endurance tests, the more expensive model comes out a little more “wrinkled”. Of course, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best-built phones on the market, but it looks like its Gorilla Glass Victus + is less scratch-resistant than the “standard” Galaxy S22, according to tests by PBK Reviews.

The Victus + glass on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is more fragile than the one on the S22 and S22 +

Last week we saw the first endurance tests with the standard Galaxy S22 model and we saw something really impressive: the screen and the back cover, made of Gorilla Glass Victus + glass managed to withstand scratches up to level 8 on the Mohs scale. The phone glass usually lasts up to level 6. Well, it looks like the S22 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Victus + is different from the “standard” S22, as it scratches as easily as before.

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Tests conducted by PBK Reviews reveal that, at least on the front, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a softer glass, which is easier to scratch, while on the back, the cover is very resistant to scratches up to level 8 Otherwise, the phone is just as well built, using metal on the frame, which is interrupted only by a piece of plastic, where the 5G antenna can be found. The phone cannot be bent with the free hand and you can go over it with the car without suffering anything.

PBK Reviews also revealed what is inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra and how Samsung managed to leave enough room for an S-Pen on the side. The interior design is very similar to what I saw on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra almost two years ago.

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In terms of repairs, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is pretty good, requiring quite a few steps to replace many components. Even the screen can be removed without disassembling most of the components. However, the glue used by Samsung on the face to hold the screen and the back cover attached to the case is problematic, making it easy to break the glass in the disassembly process. Also, the battery is glued with very strong adhesive to the housing, the change process being difficult and possibly dangerous.

source: PBK Reviews

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