Galaxy A54 how Galaxy S23 inspired exterior design

Samsung is preparing major changes to the design of the Galaxy A series of phones, with the first unofficial renders attributed to the Galaxy A54 pointing to the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra as the inspiration.

Beginning with the current Galaxy S22 Ultra, the transition to a minimalist design that ditches the traditional island left around the camera looks set to be extended to Samsung’s entire phone offering, not just the Galaxy S series models.

While Samsung probably won’t be dropping the frosted glass-look plastic finish for the back cover, or the chrome-look polycarbonate side bezel, at least users will have less reason to sigh over the top Galaxy S models when choosing a slightly more affordable Galaxy A phone.

Like the top-of-the-line S23, the Galaxy A54 will come with the camera lens affixed directly to the back cover, with Samsung ditching the island design used in the past to house the camera module. However that doesn’t mean the camera module is any less tall, just that each lens is separately delineated on the back of the phone. That also implies some drawbacks, as the 3 photo modules hang more easily when you slip the phone into your pocket. In addition, as S22 Ultra users already know, lint and dust particles can easily accumulate in the narrow space around the photo lenses, which can only be removed by meticulously cleaning the phone.

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According to rumors so far, Samsung will ship the Galaxy A54 equipped with the Exynos 1380 chipset, the successor to the Exynos 1280 solution used with the current A53 model. Unfortunately the only concrete detail about the chipset listed on the Bluetooth SIG website is the presence of Bluetooth 5.3 certification.

Identified with the codename SM-A5460, the Galaxy A54 also appeared on the website of the Chinese authority 3C, responsible for certifying wireless communication equipment. Normally, this happens about two months before the targeted device has its official launch. In other words, the Galaxy A54 could be unveiled as early as January 2023 good, ahead of the flagship Galaxy S23 series.

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