Buy PS5 Bundle with Hogwarts Legacy now at the best price

Update Mar 14 10:02am: The bundle is currently sold out again, but you can still get the PS5 either “pure” or as another bundle:

The PS5 is now quite readily available, but one particularly popular bundle continues to sell out quite often. No wonder, as it offers you the PS5 with disc drive along with the very successful and top rated Hogwarts Legacy.

This is how good the offer is: The bundle costs you only 569€, which is a best price for the console. The MSRP of the PS5 alone is normally €550 and the best price for Hogwarts Legacy is currently €55. Accordingly, you save around €46. If you want to buy a PS5, you should definitely grab this bundle.

The special bundle of the PlayStation 5 is now available again at Saturn. We do not know for how long. If in doubt, don’t hesitate too long, as it will surely be sold out again after a while.

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Buy PS5 Bundle with Hogwarts Legacy at Saturn

Hochgelobtes Hogwarts Legacy

The role-playing game impresses across the board in the GamePro test for PS5 and thus secures the very good rating of 89 points. Harry Potter fans will get their money’s worth with the action RPG. Author Dennis Michel comes to the following positive summary:

“Hogwarts Legacy is a magical role-playing game for Potter fans that, despite its minor quirks and its formulaic open world, enchants us.”

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If you want to know in detail how good Hogwarts Legacy is, you should read the whole test:

You still need this for your new PS5

As a new PlayStation 5 owner, there are still ways to make your PlayStation experience even better. Above all, you can buy additional accessories for the PS5, including controllers, a camera or headsets. In addition, the PSVR 2 offers a special gaming experience and if you want to have several games installed on the console, it can be very worthwhile to purchase another games SSD.

You can find out everything you need to know about this in the following articles.

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