France decrees drought alert in 86 French departments

Authorities in France have decreed this Monday the drought alert in 86 departments of the country a week after the strong heat wave that the territory has suffered.

Despite the summer storms recorded recently, the water level is below minimum, so these departments have imposed a limited access to water in the face of water shortages, which is accelerating, according to information from the newspaper ‘Le Figaro’.

Of the total of these regions, the government puts at 28 those in “crisis”. while 58 others are on “high alert”. This has been compounded by the heat wave, which has led to an increase in the use of water by French households.

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In those areas where the alert is set at yellow or orange, restrictions affect not only farmers but also civilians, who cannot wash cars or water large gardens during working hours.

Maps show that the eastern part of France has been particularly affected. In total there are almost thirty departments with the highest alert, which implies an emergency use of water resources, such as those for health or civil security.

The authorities warn that the situation could continue at least until August 15 due to the high temperatures, which will last for at least two weeks.

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