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For the first time, TikTok will share advertising revenue with the creators who generate it


TikTok announces Pulse, an advertising program to which only top creators are eligible, rewarding their work with a small portion of the revenue from the sale of advertising.

Specifically, these are the creators with over 100,000 followers, their videos representing about 4% of the total content viewed on the platform, framed in popular sections such as beauty, fashion, cooking and games.

According to the official release, with the release of Pulse, TikTok will “start exploring” its first program to redistribute advertising revenue to content creators, public figures and media publishers. The announcement was made during the TikTok NewFronts presentation for marketing partners.

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“We focus on developing monetization solutions and available markets so that creators feel valued and rewarded on TikTok,” said the company, which is owned by Chinese giant Bytedance. “From the beginning, we are committed to working with our community to bring new features that enrich the TikTok experience, and we look forward to continuing this journey with TikTok Pulse.”

The Pulse program will first be available to content creators in the United States starting in June, and coverage will be extended to other regions this fall.

TikTok assures that it will implement a strict verification of applications for enrollment in the Pulse program, ensuring that both the ads and the paid content will be “brand safe”. The company will use additional measurement tools (such as checking the visibility of the promoted brand and matching the demographic specifics of the target audience) thus validating the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns carried out.

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