Microsoft officially releases Android Subsystem on Windows 11 in stable version

Almost exactly a year ago, Microsoft officially announced and released Windows 11, the newest version of its PC operating system. At the time, the company promised that users would be able to run Android apps on their desktops and laptops, but those features have been slow to arrive. After nearly a year of “beta” testing through the Windows Insiders program, these capabilities are finally ready for use in the “stable” version.

You can download and install Android apps on Windows 11

Those who have already tested the functionality in the Insiders version already know what to expect. Windows 11 allows integration with the Amazon AppStore, which integrates about 50,000 Android OS apps. These can be installed and run directly on your computer, providing access to apps and games that don’t exist in any other form on Windows or other desktop operating systems.

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These were previously possible in other ways, such as BlueStacks, an Android emulator for the PC, but now this feature is built directly into Microsoft’s operating system and app store.

Unfortunately, this function is not available in Romania, for example. Microsoft offers these services in 31 markets, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Fortunately, there are alternative methods, whereby you can install Android Subsystem manually, without official support from Microsoft, and everything works smoothly.

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The release of version “1.0” for Windows 11 Android Subsystem is not the end of Microsoft’s efforts in this direction, however. The company will be working on implementing capabilities such as picture-in-picture, hardware DRM, USB, direct Bluetooth access, widgets and upgrading to Android 13.

There are, however, ways to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 via the Android Subsystem, to access an even larger selection of apps directly from the store without having to resort to downloading apk packages.

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