Food alert extended for nuts in dark and milk chocolate from Spain

Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate. /
Marc Marti

December 30, 2022. 14:50

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has extended this Wednesday, December 28, the health alert it issued last December 7 on different sugar-free dark chocolates from Spain containing almonds, despite not specifying it in its labeled. Now, the agency reports that there are also trace amounts of nuts in the no sugar added product of the same brands affected in the previous notice.

In addition, the entity specifies that there is another product with. almonds even though it does not say so. In this case, it is a milk chocolate (36% cocoa) sugar-free in 125 gram and 300 gram packages. The agency is calling for the withdrawal of the products from the channels of marketing and that the consumers allergic or intolerant to almonds should not consume them.

The agency attached to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has communicated the list of companies that have sold the product in its 125 grams presentation. In addition, it has reported that it has been marketed in establishments in the following autonomous communities:

Likewise, the AESAN has shared the list of companies that have sold the product in its 300-gram presentation and the autonomous communities in which it is sold:

  • Catalonia

  • Andalusia

  • Aragon

  • Asturias

  • Cantabria

  • Castilla – La Mancha

  • Castile and Leon

  • Valencian Community

  • Extremadura

  • Madrid

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