Firefighters battle flames for the fifth consecutive day in Dadia National Park, Greece

The Greek Fire Brigade continues to fight strong forest fires for the fifth consecutive day in the national part of Dadia, in northeastern Greece, near the border with Turkey and one of the largest forest areas in southern Europe.

Gianna Diagakis, from the Forestry Department of the Greek municipality of Souflí, lamented that firefighters and rescue team members have had a “terrible night” and warned that the flames are “continuously” changing direction, making the tasks difficult.

The park is home to three of the four species of vultures existing in Europe and is the habitat of the only colony of black vultures existing in the Balkan area, according to information from the AMNA news agency.

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A total of 320 firefighters with 68 vehicles, two seaplanes, thirteen fire departments and four helicopters are working to control the fire with the help of the Armed Forces and the Evros Forestry Services.

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