FBI arrests former Marine for assaulting two police officers during U.S. Capitol raid

The FBI has arrested Tuesday Kaleb Dillard, a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps for participating in the January 6, 2021 insurrection in Washington during which he assaulted two Capitol Police officers.

Dillard, 26, has been arrested in his hometown of Columbiana in the state of Alabama. He is charged with assault, resisting arrest, obstruction of authority, as well as six other misdemeanor charges, NBC reports.

His arrest was made possible thanks to a series of messages on social networks in which he himself confirmed that he was one of the people who appeared during the assault. The agents have also managed to also recognize the person who allegedly assaulted them. One of them said that Dillard had tried to intimidate him with his past in the Marine Corps.

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Dillard is one of more than 850 suspects who have been arrested for their involvement in that riot in which an estimated 2,500 people were involved, including several hundred who are wanted for assaulting the outnumbered officers who initially responded.

At the moment, more than 350 people have pleaded guilty to those riots. The main charge brought by the prosecutors is that of illegal entry into a restricted place, about 640; while the rest of the most recurrent charges are for aggression or resistance to authority.

At the moment the highest sentences are Thomas Robertson, a former policeman, and Guy Reffitt, both sentenced to about seven years in prison.

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