Facebook will help users choose the type of content they want to see in their Feed

Criticised for the way Facebook’s algorithm “tweaks” have filled the feed with content of poor quality or simply irrelevant to users, Meta will allow users to choose the types of posts they would like to see.

The method, simple enough that it might work quite well, relies on displaying a show more / show less of this type of post dialog. Unlike the Like button, the choice will instruct Facebook’s algorithms to remove more posts of that type from the News Feed, both from the Page in question and from other Facebook Pages with similar content (fashion, auto, sports, general interest news, etc.). Using the Show Less option, on the other hand, should reduce, at least temporarily, the priority in the Feed of that category of posts.

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“By offering more ways to include feedback directly into the Feed rankings, we’re making our AI systems smarter and more responsive,” the company says.

At first, the options dialog will appear periodically the content feed, as Facebook tries to familiarize users with the new feature first. But even so, those who want to push customization of their feed can access the “Show more” and “Show less” options at any time by tapping the three-dot menu present in the top-right corner of each post.

Facebook is also adding options to let you choose whether to see more posts shared by family members and friends in your News Feed, reducing the display of posts shared by groups or Pages you follow.

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