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Facebook, Google and Twitter are blocking the Russian propaganda press


In addition to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russian state sources of information, companies in the technology area also apply their own restrictions aimed at stopping misinformation of Russian origin. Facebook, Google and Twitter, some of the most important companies on the Internet, limit the monetization and paid promotion of content that Russia Today or other Russian sources publish after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Social media platforms will no longer accept the promotion of propaganda messages in Russia

Meta, the company that controls Facebook, has announced that it will stop advertising to all Russian state agencies. Thus, they will not be able to appear in users’ news feeds in the form of “sponsored” posts. This should seriously limit the possibility of disseminating this information. Furthermore, Facebook will prohibit the monetization of the content published by these publications by stopping the display of ads on their videos:

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“We ban the Russian state press from buying advertisements or monetizing our platforms around the world. We also continue to add labels to other state-run media outlets in Russia. These changes have already begun and will continue over the weekend. “announced Nathaniel Gleicher, head of security policy at Meta.

In the case of Google, the company has limited restrictions on YouTube RT channels to monetization and the ability to promote videos on the platform, as well as hide them from the recommendations on the platform. Moreover, in Ukraine, at the request of the government, YouTube completely blocks Russia Today and other state media channels in Russia.

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Twitter has applied a general method, stopping all ads on the platform in Russia and Ukraine, in order to avoid spreading false information sponsored by any of the states. This move was taken because Twitter has been shutting down ads from state-run Russian news agencies since 2019.

source: Android Central

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