extending life expectancy to 200 years is possible

The current life expectancy at Spain en de 83 years old and the women tend to live longer (almost 86 years) than men. men (slightly more than 81), according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). A century ago, surpassing 40 years was a milestone. The immortality is relegated to the science fictionbut part of the scientific community has it in its sights to get a greater longevity. With the ambition of, in addition, to fulfill the years with a good quality of life. For this, the key is to reduce the effects of the cellular aging. There are already drugs that destroy the cells that produce it. They are the senolytics and they have an ambitious challenge: they intend to extend life expectancy to the 200 years.

The senolytic drugs are relatively new. So much so that if you go to a pharmacy and you ask for them, they will give you a poker face. They are not sold because they do not yet exist as such. However, there are already scientific evidence that prove that they can eliminate the senescent cells from body, responsible for the aging and degradation of tissue function.

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2020: first satisfactory results

At the scientific level, the following have already been carried out experiments with drugs of these characteristics with mice. The study ‘First evidence that senolytics are effective in decreasing senescent cells in humans’, published in 2020 in the journal ‘The Lancet’, evidenced. promising results: treated with the compound dasatiniba tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and with quercetinthe rodents achieved an improvement in the physical function and lived longer.

On the other hand, scientists from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) conducted a study in which this type of drug was able to recognize aging cells and destroy them. The results of the research were published last year in the journal ‘Nature’.

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The leader of the research and professor at the UOC, Salvador Macipexplained that it was the “first time we have had a drug based on a antibody That can be applied to humans to slow senescence. [el envejecimiento] cell”.

Good quality of life to age 100 and turning 200.

The British biologist Andrew Steele discusses these two studies at length and many more in the book ‘The New Science of Turning Years Without Getting Older’, which was published in 2020 in English and has now come to the Spanish market. The expert is categorical in this scientific guide: the senolytics Will make it “entirely feasible” for humans to live with full quality of life beyond 100 years of age and extend longevity into the 200 years.

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