Home Tech & Gadgets Florin Salam’s wife Roxana Dobre is invited to “TACLALE”!

Florin Salam’s wife Roxana Dobre is invited to “TACLALE”!


Roxana Dobre, Florin Salam’s wife, is the guest of journalist Liviu Chiriță in the podcast “TACLALE”, the newest online project launched on the Romanian media market.

The interview will be available on Thursday, July 21, from 20.00, in its entirety on cancan.ro, on the CANCAN Facebook page and on the CANCAN YouTube channel.

Roxana talked about her modelling career, the circumstances when she met Florin Salam and how she decided to leave the modelling world.

She also gave exclusive details of her wedding to the king of manele this year.

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Don’t miss Roxana Dobre’s revelations on Thursday, from 8pm, only on cancan.ro and on the publication’s social media channels!

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