Exoprimal arrives with 10 Player Co-op Missions, Exosuit Variants to come after launch – That’s Gaming

Capcom has revealed new details about what to expect from Exoprimal, the surprisingly fun co-op third-person shooter, at launch. Didn’t you like fighting other players? Some missions have no direct PvP and are decided by completing PvE objectives faster than the other team.

There are 10-player co-op missions with more variety of objectives and challenging enemies and weekly changing five-player missions with global scoreboards. In addition to maps such as Dam and Volcanic Base, which provide more variety, Dino Survival also has story-related missions. Players can also expect cutscenes and an Analysis Map to delve deeper into the backstories.

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Not available during the beta, Modules provide more customization options, and you can equip different Exosuit and weapon skins, decals, emotes and more. Although a post-launch roadmap has yet to be determined, subsequent title updates will offer Exosuit variants, such as a Deadeye that uses a burst-fire rifle instead of a sniper, which also doubles as a shotgun.

Seasonal updates add more “game content,” presumably referring to new maps and modes. But most exciting are the collaborations with other Capcom games. A Muramasa skin that looks like Vergil from Devil May Cry? Yes, please.

Exoprimal launches on July 14 for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also be available on day one for Game Pass.

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