Eversoul’s semi-annual anniversary “Wicked Vacation” arrives today! – That’s Gaming

The globally popular Anime Collectible Mobile RPG Eversoul celebrates its six-month anniversary with numerous events, free gifts and a new Soul joins the party!

To celebrate the six-month title launch milestone, players will receive up to 100 free summons for 10 consecutive days of logins starting today to celebrate the six-month celebration. This event gives players 10 days of summon time from the day they log in. They can even log in on the last day of the free summon event (June 29) and still have 10 days of 10 summons for a total of 100 free summons, so definitely don’t miss this opportunity!

As part of the new summer-themed “Wicked Vacation” event running from today until July 19. Players can also earn 2,400 Everstones and 20 Normal Summon Tickets over 14 days in a special summer summon event

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This summer event part 1 is also full of story modes, event stages that give out Everstones and Mana Crystals!

That’s not all! The summer heat causes the Souls to give up their everyday outfits for swimwear. Want to own the temporary costumes of Vivienne, Petra and Ayame? Then go on vacation with Eversoul this summer and earn these incredible outfits just by joining in.

Thunder on the horizon

In addition to events and free gifts, Eversoul welcomes a new soul to its ranks. Goddess of Thunder, wielder of Mjölnir, Claudia is not to be underestimated as she descends upon Eden.

Don’t be fooled by her looks. They say beautiful girls are not like the others; this may also be true of Claudia. With Mjölnir in hand, messing with her will bring retribution in the form of enlightenment from above. Watch her stir up fear in the hearts of her enemies and see firsthand what a goddess can do when her enemies oppose her.

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Her spirit can neutralize her enemies, but it also calms those who choose to fight by her side. After all, what can go wrong with a goddess on your team? With this protection of the angelic class during the adventure, the Saviors will certainly have a cinch.

Also after today’s update, the new Pick-Up Choice Summon Event will be available for 7 days from the time players log in after the update. Through this new system, they can choose from six Souls: Mephistopheles, Jiho, Velanna, Honglan, Erika and Aki as their pick-up summon Soul. This is the perfect time for players to grab their favorite Souls and strengthen their team.

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