European stocks rally ahead of Fed interest rate decision

On Monday morning, the European stock market, which opened on a bullish note, was bullish. However, it can be said that the driving force behind the sudden rise in the value of European stocks is a recent report that states that the Federal Reserve may slow down the pace of its interest rate hikes. This explains why traders and investors are poised for a profit-rich week as they await a major interest rate decision from the Fed.

The Stoxx 600 gains 1.3%.

In the early hours of the day, the Stoxx 600 Continental Index was up 1.3%, according to MarketWatch data. However, all sectors and major bourses opened higher, with chemicals leading the gains after posting a 1.6% gain.

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Italian stocks (FTMIB) also rose 1.4% after new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni held a discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday. Ms. Meloni became Italy’s first-ever female prime minister on Saturday.

Some individual stocks are also up. Philips, for example, gained 1 percent. The Dutch medical equipment maker saw its stock value rise after revealing plans to cut nearly 4,000 jobs in an effort to streamline its operations.

Impact of British politics on European stocks.

Meanwhile, while most major Wall Street indexes are rallying on hopes that the Fed will likely decide on a lower interest rate hike in December, the FTSE 100, the U.K.’s benchmark index, looks lackluster. The stock is underperforming and is currently down 0.38%.

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Interestingly, the underperformance of the FTSE 100 appears to be largely related to current UK politics.

At the time of publication, the dust has yet to settle on the issue of Liz Truss’ replacement. Liz Truss recently resigned as British Prime Minister. However, new reports indicate that Boris Johnson has withdrawn from the race, making Rishi Sunak an instant favorite. Following the news of Boris Johnson’s withdrawal, the pound rose.

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