“Esports in 2023: Game Over or Insert Coin?”: the report revealing the state of the industry in 2023.

“Esports in 2023: Game Over or Insert Coin?” has been conducted by Esports Bureau and Esports Professional and analyzes the current state of the industry.

Esportainment and Stream Hatchet have participated in its elaboration, with the support of more than 10 industry leaders in Spain..

It will be presented on September 27th at Ca l’Alier, hosted by Barcelona Sports Hub and Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Esports has been in the news for the last 10 years for its spectacular numbers and its way of capturing the attention of the new generations. Now, a new report reveals that there may be a change in trend.

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“Esports in 2023: Game Over or Insert Coin?” is the report we presented among Esports Bureauas the industry’s leading media outlet, and Esports Professional, a pioneering online training center in Spain dedicated to esports. For its elaboration, the opinion of more than 10 industry leaders in Spain has been collected to make an x-ray of what is happening in the esports industry. has happened in this sector over the last 10 years with the aim of understanding what will happen in the next decade.

The report reveals that, after exponential growth thanks to investment and pandemicNow esports needs to establish sustainable business models, decrease reliance on brands and sponsorships, and, above all, generate a way to monetize the audience in the long term. This to some extent reflects what has already been seen from the big technology companies. Esports are expected to grow by 8.21% (CAGR 2023-2027), but, nevertheless, several players in the value chain are experiencing economic problems or, directly, there is talk that they may disappear (FaZe Clan, Ibai’s KOI club, Astralis and others).

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The report also mentions the elements that may drive the future of e-sports, such as blockchain or artificial intelligence.and how esports must coexist with other aspects of the entertainment world thanks to its content creation models in social networks. Professions such as esports managers, tokenization model design and specialized AI programmers will be part of the future of the industry, according to the report, and will become spearheads of innovation for other sectors.

Esportainment and Stream Hatchet also contributed to the report as a source of industry audience data.

Presentation and availability of the report.

The report will be submitted onNext September 27th in Barcelona, at Ca l’Alierwith exceptional hosts such as Barcelona Sports Hubpromoted by the Ajuntament de Barcelona and led by INDESCAT.

Tickets for the event, with a seating capacity for 50 peopleare now available right here. After the end of the event, the report will be available through the Esports Bureau and Esports Professional websites.

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